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At Lapin Law Offices we understand that during these tough economic times, it is hard to make ends meet. The last thing you need is to be harassed by debt collectors. We know that owing money does not give debt collectors the right to treat you poorly. Fortunately, there are laws, both state and federal, that protect you. We are dedicated to protecting consumers against the unlawful actions of debt collectors and will sue any debt collector that violates your rights.

At Lapin Law Offices we care about our clients, have a passion for what we do and are dedicated to obtaining justice for the people we represent. We stop debt collectors from abusing, harassing, threatening and violating our client’s rights and get the collectors to pay our clients money.

We represent consumers that have been abused by unlawful debt collectors. As a result of the debt collector’s actions, our clients have suffered mental and emotional abuse as well actual harm to his or her health, employment, and well-being. The laws governing debt collection provide, in most instances, for a statutory award of up to $1,000.00 for abusive, hostile or illegal actions by a debt collection company. While we may not be able to make the underlying debt go away, we can help with your frustration, anxiety and, ultimately, obtain some money for you from the debt collector. In addition, the law provides that if we are successful in your claim, they debt collector has to pay our attorney fee and the majority of our costs. Most importantly, if we do not collect any money for you, you do not owe us anything.

Lapin Law Offices offers a free, no obligation initial evaluation of your case. Whether you just have some questions or need legal assistance, we believe you should know your rights. If it is in your best interests to handle a case yourself, you will be told so and offered guidance on how to proceed.

Attorneys and Staff of Lapin Law OfficesLapin Law Offices represents people against unfair, abusive and harassing debt collectors as well as claims involving telephone or fax abusive practices or unfair credit actions and other legal matters throughout Nebraska including such cities as Lincoln, Omaha, Beatrice, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Columbus, Nebraska City, Aurora, North Platte, York, Norfolk, Seward, Fairbury, and counties such as Lancaster, Seward, Douglas, Sarpy, Gage, Otoe, Seward, Saunders, York, Hall, Buffalo, Lincoln, Cass, Platte and Madison.

Lapin Law Offices does not offer the following services regarding debt: financial planning; money management; debt consolidation; debt negotiation; credit counseling; or bankruptcy representation.